Oilfield Logistics, Trucking & Rig Moves

Our logistics experience along with our thorough knowledge of assets in these industries, helps us guarantee to our clients that our carriers transport, handle and secure the assets properly and hold insurance policies that exceed the value of the assets. Even if that means a carrier must increase their coverage for a single load.

With the same quality oilfield services that established our reputation in North Dakota & Montana, Cruz Logistics now brings to a National level. Our Cruz name and reputation not only back these services but are matched by this logistics program.

Logistics Technology & Project Management

  Paramount Customer Service
  Massive Network of Trucks
  Load Management via GPS

  Start to finish project management
  Hands on/in the field
  Utilization of Project Managers

  Creative Thinking
  Problem Solving

Pride in their work shown through their communication with the customer and extreme attention to detail.

Cruz has developed proprietary tracking and logistics project management applications to help our clients see the progress of their logistics projects. All of our drivers and our 3rd party carriers use Fleetmatics or the Clogistics Mobile App, which gives our clients the ability to see what assets each truck is transporting and where on the route from pickup to delivery they are. As part of our project management services, Cruz provides daily updates on all of our logistics projects that summarize the overall progress, how issues that may have arisen are being solved, and upcoming milestones.

Our clients rely on us to manage their logistical challenges by solving the problems that they neither have the time nor industry expertise to tackle, and in turn get reliable, honest, professional management of the movement of their assets and supply chain.

Oilfield Freight is our Specialty

Whether it’s a rush order on pipe across the country, or trans-loading a generator with cranes onto steerable 13-axle truck in the field, Cruz’ management of their carriers and sub-contractors allows for total ownership of any logistics project from start to finish on a national front.

The Long Haul Rig Move

Long Haul Rig Moves are typically associated with nightmarish scenarios from the floor hand to area manager, but not with Cruz. Rig Moves are our specialty. Our team will coordinate and structure a project plan with set timelines and objectives as communicated by our clients. Often multiple pieces need to go multiple places, refurbished or replaced, picked up again, and delivered to location which.

Working with Cruz on a project will be…

  • Organized – no short cuts when it comes to the recognition of details for a long distance move.
  • Structured – Project planning, contingencies are accounted for ahead of time, timelines are established and fought to be kept.
  • Systematic – Starting with each individual on our team, filtering down to our drivers and our sub-contractors, expectations of performance are set and communicated, with accountability being maintained.


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