Cruz Offers Heavy Haul Trucking

Gas Compressors & Pumps

Cruz Energy Services’ heavy hauling division has been hauling compressors, pumps and cooling units since the company was founded. Our growth in the energy industry and the use of our cranes to hoist and set compressors facilitated our growth into the transporting of the compressors from the manufacturing facility to plant locations throughout North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. We’re experienced with route assessments, bridge surveys and the most difficult permitting processes. We provide certified high pole and pilot cars in-house and have the full gamut of tractors and trailers necessary to haul any size of compressor.

Mining & Heavy Equipment

Stemming from our birth in Cruz Construction Inc., Cruz Energy Services excels in performing projects in the most harsh and remote environments in North America. Our heavy haul operators have the experience and Cruz has the perfect equipment for delivering the largest mining assets to remote locations in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Western Canada, and Alaska. Whether the assets need to be broken down on site and transported to the manufacturer for repairs or they are being loaded at a port in Texas or Washington and need to be delivered to the mine or construction site, Cruz is able to safely and reliably handle all of the transportation.

Moving Rigs & Energy Assets

Cruz Energy Services is the market-leading rig moving company in North Dakota. The professionalism, expertise, and safety record of our operators and crews are some of the best in the industry. The challenging nature of handling the fast-paced demands of moving drill rigs, combined with leading environmental stewardess, regulatory compliance, and full cooperation with the local permitting agencies is what has made Cruz’s operators, dispatchers, and crews what they are today: hard-working, safe, and reliable problem solvers. Our employees solve our clients’ problems by doing the work better than anyone and this is why we are the first-call option for our clients.

Hauling Vessels & Tanks

As part of our industrial and plant construction and maintenance services, Cruz offers our clients vessel and tank hauling services. We have the ability to haul vessels, tanks, and towers up to 200,000 lbs. and of the largest dimensions. With cradles to fit any size of tank and the ability of custom fabrication, Cruz ensures that the entire process from loading, transporting, and unloading will be efficient, well-planned, and well-executed.