Wind Power

Serving the wind-power industry in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, and Washington, Cruz provides crane, heavy haul, and construction services. Together with our partners, Cruz is able to provide crawler and all-terrain cranes in excess of 500 ton, bottom cranes, and crawler and RT cranes for the staging/transloading yards. Our construction side can help clients from building the access roads and foundation excavation to rebar work and pouring concrete.

Whether our clients need a crane to simply help with repairs or manage the construction on a new project, Cruz provides as usual, reliable and honest project management with a focus on efficiency and managed costs.

Oil & Gas Midstream

We help our midstream clients accomplish their maintenance and construction goals on their holding tanks, tank batteries, pipelines, compressor stations and gas plants. With equipment ranging from cranes to hydrovac trucks and crews that are experienced from concrete to steel erection, we offer our clients the same reliability, cost-effectiveness, and professionalism that they have come to rely upon Cruz for.

What makes Cruz the preferred partner for our clients is not that our iron is the best in the field, but that our employees are dedicated, experienced, and competent. From the top-down, they work hard, listen well, and surpass our clients’ expectations every time.

Rig Moving

Cruz is the market leading rig moving company in North Dakota and Montana. With the largest and most modern fleet of bed and gin/pole trucks, winch trucks, heavy haul setups (jeeps, boosters), and cranes, Cruz has the right equipment to move every type of drill rig. Where we really surpass the competition though, is in our employees. Our crews are made up of guys who have years of experience in the industry and know how to get the job done safely and efficiently. We work hard, stay focused, keep everyone safe, and play within the rules. As dedicated members of the local community, we hold the safety of others on the roads and the protection of farm/ranch lands as top priorities. The challenging nature of handling the fast-paced demands of moving drill rigs, combined with leading environmental stewardess, regulatory compliance, and full cooperation with the local permitting agencies is what has made Cruz’s operators, dispatchers, and crews what they are today: hard-working, safe, and reliable problem solvers. Our employees solve our clients’ problems by doing the work better than anyone and this is why we are the first-call option for our clients.