Cruz Energy Services provides a wide range of lifting and rigging services. Our crane fleet includes crawler cranes, truck cranes, and all terrain cranes and we have rigging capable of lifting up to 140 tons. Whether we are making critical picks, designing lift plans, driving pile, operating in tight spaces or performing challenging lifts in wind, our crane operators and riggers have the experience and best-in-class equipment to get the job done right, safely, and efficiently.

Crawler crane driving pile

Crawler Cranes

Cruz has crawler cranes ranging from 110 ton up to 200 ton and the ability to provide crawlers up to 440 ton for larger projects. All of our cranes are 2008 models or newer and impeccably maintained so our clients can depend on our reliability when performing critical and time-sensitive projects. Cruz is able to provide a variety of booms lengths, jibs, and specialized rigging to accommodate every job that our clients need our help with. Our riggers/oilers and operators are very experienced with rigging our crawlers up/down because of their experience with rig moving in North Dakota, which requires the crawler crane on the project to mobilize several times per week. This experience helps us work efficiently when mobilizing and demobilizing our crawler cranes for pile driving, girder setting, transloading, and plant construction projects.

Truck Cranes

Cruz has truck cranes ranging from 50 ton up to 100 ton. The efficiency that we are able to mobilize and rig up these cranes make them the preferred choice for our clients when they need a crane for a single pick from a stationary spot. Throughout North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Washington, and Oregon, our truck cranes are kept busy setting AC units, generators, transformers, box culverts, signs, and pre-fabricated parts on construction projects.

Cruz 275 hydraulic crane

All Terrain Cranes

Cruz’s all-terrain cranes range from 140 ton up to 275 ton. With the ability to extend fly jibs up to 340 ft. high and the main boom to reach out 220 ft., our AT cranes are able to solve our client’s hoisting problems when the spaces are tight and the distance or height is the main issue. Our AT cranes are also often used to set gas compressors, pumps, and large transformers. The impressive load charts for these cranes makes them the perfect fit for the heaviest assets our clients need hoisted.

Pile Driving

Cruz offers a full array of pile driving and steel shoring installation services.

Our fleet of 30 Ton – 275 Ton Cranes and access to American Piledriving Equipment (APE) diesel impact hammers and vibratory drivers and extractors gives Cruz the flexibility and capability to meet your pile driving, temporary/permanent shoring, and structural steel pile needs. We are the only member of the Pile Drivers Contractor Association (PDCA) in Western North Dakota and regularly drive pile throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and since recently, in Washington and Oregon. We also have the capability to source, deliver, and splice the piling for your project through partnerships with LB Foster and Skyline Steel.

Cruz offers:

  • Permanent Bearing Pile Installation for Foundations
    and Footings
  • Steel Sheet Pile and Retaining Wall Installation
  • Temporary Shoring Installations for Commercial
    Construction Projects
  • Pier and Abutment Construction for DOT, Municipal and Industrial Bridges

Cruz Energy Services drives steel H-pile and pipe-pile for heavy civil contractors, DOT, various county highway departments, and other public entities. We install steel sheet-pile and temporary shoring for commercial contractors, heavy highway contractors, and private clients.

Contact us to discuss how Cruz can install your sheet-pile, temporary shoring, or structural steel piling safely and efficiently, keeping your project on time and on budget.