Crane Rental in South Dakota

Crane rental in South Dakota, Cruz Energy Services is a crane rental company that has 15 cranes ranging in size from a 55 ton RT Terex crane to a 440 ton Manitowoc crawler. The company used to primarily provide cranes to clients in the Oil & Gas industries, but has since branched out to provide crane services to bridge constructors, commercial and residential construction companies, communication tower construction and maintenance companies, and the rail industry.

Depending on where the job site is, Cruz is usually able to mobilize cranes to and from the location for $1,500-$5,000. Besides low mobe costs, Cruz also has low O&M rates and our operators are well-known for being very safety-conscious, they all have their NCCCO certifications, communicate well, and are experienced working on many types of construction projects. Providing crane rental in South Dakota, Cruz has properly outfitted cranes to handle the harsh winter climate and get to where the job is, no matter how remote or rugged the access is.

Although Cruz usually does not offer bare-rental options on its cranes, this is an option if clients wish to provide their own operators and the rental contract is for several months. Cruz can provide riggers, specialty rigging, boom extensions, jibs, radios for communication with the cranes on a job site, crane mats, traffic control, lighting for the job site if operations are to take place at night, trucks to carry the counterweights and boom sections of cranes, and heavy haul RGNs to carry the body of crawler cranes.

Crane rental in South Dakota, Cruz is one of the leading crane services companies in the state and regularly provides cranes for clients looking for cost-effective, timely, and safe hoisting services in a wide variety of industries. In-house lifting engineers are also able to calculate lifting plans and provide the expertise to choose the right crane and counterweight package to get the job done safely and without unnecessary costs.

crane rental in South Dakota

Crane Rental in South Dakota